This spacious Mamaroneck townhouse had met its heyday in the 1980s with its burgundy carpet and pink walls throughout and purple bedroom.  To modernize this for sale, furnishings were updated with a lighter more neutral palette to help prospective buyers better envision themselves in the space.

During Ginette's tenure as head of Christie's Interiors department she spearheaded almost 100 auctions each comprised of about 1000 unique items.  The auctions included Fine Art from all periods and pieces ranging from Bronze Age Chinese Works of Art to 18th century English silver to French mid-20th century furniture.  This opportunity allowed Ginette to hone her eye, expand her design vocabulary and gain extensive knowledge of art, furniture and decoration from all genres.  In this role she often collaborated with well know interior designers, dealers, shelter magazine editors, and textile designers which helped to further develop her design aesthetic.  These images represent a small portion of the catalogue covers which Ginette designed.  They embody the true ethos of a gld interior-mixing old and new, and pairing furniture, art and accessories from all genres to create a bespoke interior for your home.